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Lockdown has really highlighted the need for self-care as so many of us faced challenges regarding health, work, finances, family and what the future holds.

I know that many people have suffered with terrible loneliness during this strange period of separation. While others have experienced the opposite, craving the replenishment of quiet time alone but not finding it in a busy household.

I know that my juggle has been real - I have had to navigate running a business while caring for two young children and their schooling. I’ve realised that I veer towards introversion and that quiet time alone is one of my basic needs.

I have relied heavily on yoga to find this space; my daily practise has been literally my only hours peace in the day, and it has benefitted me hugely both physically and mentally.

I have spoken to two trusted wellness experts, natural health practitioner, Rachel Landon, of Wilder Botanics and my gifted yoga teacher, Rachel Caffarate about how they positively promote wellbeing and the small daily changes we can all make to improve our mood and reduce stress.



Firstly, natural health practitioner, Rachel Landon, of Wilder Botanics walks us through her daily wellness routines.

Face the day…

After smashing my face with icy-cold water, I use our Wilder Face Oil for Day which contains organic oils of Prickly Pear, Argan, Baobab and Blackcurrant Seed. These oils hydrate and protect the skin, giving a healthful glow without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. We’ve also added uplifting Orange Blossom essential oil to brighten the skin.

Kickstart the circulation…

Dry body brushing keeps my skin functioning at its optimum and moves a stagnant lymphatic system after sleeping. After showering, I use our Wilder Calendula Infusion Body Oil on damp skin. It’s a delicate earthy blend of Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar, Patchouli and Rose Geranium. I don’t use a synthetic perfume as the organic essential oils in this formula are heaven - I have had so many compliments from friends and strangers. A little of this sun-infused oil goes a long way, in fact, my husband Charlie uses this everywhere, beard, hair…



When overwhelmed…

We also take our Adaptogen Tonic when we’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed.

For niggly feelings…

Our Calm & Support infusion is perfect for when our younger children, Harps (aged 6) and Indi (aged 4) are feeling niggly. The kids love it and call this honey tea. 

Nurture through nature…

We all take a long walk every day and are loving foraging for new additions to the spring and summer season and sitting under the trees.



Remove the day…

At night I mix rice powder, ground oats and water into a paste in the palm of my hand and use it as a facial wash and a light scrub. Afterwards, we both use our Wilder Night Oil which is so nourishing and healing with organic cold-pressed Rose Hip, Rose Otto, Borage and Pomegranate oils to soothe and repair the skin. This blend also includes Vetiver which grounds the nervous system, and Rose Otto to induce a peaceful heart.

Soothing sign off…

Finally, we all love a Relaxing Bath Soak before bed…’s a soothing ritual to end the day.



And here, my gifted yoga teacher, Rachel Caffarate shares her daily routine. 

Keep it simple…

I try to do a short daily meditation with yoga stretches, either in the morning or evening. My morning meditation is seated and lasts five to seven minutes. You can use Apps, but I keep it simple by counting my breath, focusing on a mantra or doing a brief body scan from bottom to top.



Sleep better…

Or in the evening, I do a short 20/30-minute restorative yoga practice before bed. I do Yin Yoga which holds poses for three to five minutes, all on the floor and supported by cushions so I don’t engage the muscles and can fully relax. I sleep better for this. 

Be kind to yourself…

Remember to not berate yourself if your mind wanders. If you are a beginner, keep it to five minutes. Even sitting peacefully for a few minutes and noticing sounds around you gives your mind a well-deserved break. 

Combat creakiness…

I rely on a spoonful of Lion Heart Fish Oil every day and Amen Collagen capsules for joint, gut and skin health. As a result, I’m definitely less creaky! 

Finally, Neal’s Yard Arnica Salve soothes muscular aches and pains, and I take kefir to improve gut health.



Rachel will be doing a special workshop for International Yoga Day on Sunday 21.06.20 at 8.45-10am. Email her for details -
 She will be doing a free weekly half hour yoga stretch-out every Sunday morning starting 28.06.20 at 9am on live on Instagram @rachel.caffarate 





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