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Memorable Teachers | Small but thoughtful gifts

Memorable Teachers | Small but thoughtful gifts

Everyone has a memorable teacher. The person who took an interest, who spotted and nurtured a skill or talent. 

Anyone who has seen the moving clip of former footballer Ian Wright’s emotional reunion with his primary school teacher Mr Pigden can’t fail to see the lasting impact a teacher can have on a young life. Ian Wright called the teacher he credited with changing his life ‘the greatest man in the world.’

My own school experience was generally a mixed bag… but at 16 when I encountered issues at home, my teachers really came through for me when it mattered most.

And these acts of kindness have had a long-lasting effect on my life.

I remember one teacher in particular, Mrs Unsworth, who ran the pottery studio. She was a giant of a lady who could be fierce at times so some of the girls were scared of her and would quiver nervously over their pinch pots!

But underneath this stern veneer was a teacher who went the extra mile for me.

Her act of maternal kindness towards me during a difficult time and her practical no-nonsense advice turned out to be one of the defining moments in my young life.

I sometimes worry that I didn’t thank my teachers enough at the time and they won’t realise what an important part they played in my life and how grateful I continue to be towards them.

So, to Mrs Unsworth – and to all the Mrs Unsworths and Mr Pigdens out there, quietly making a lasting difference – thank you.

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