Crackled Offering Dish


Size Guide

The perfect little dish for loose jewellery, burning incense or candles, or as a catchall for your keys and loose change.  With a velvet matte crackle glaze.


Handmade in San Fransisco by artist Julia Lemke and her team, using a variety of production techniques, from hand throwing to ram-pressing, slip casting, and hand building. It’s a very organic process, and no two pieces are exactly alike. We celebrate the natural variations, and hope you cherish the individual spirit of each piece.


Diameter 10cm x Depth 1.5cm


Earthenware Ceramic

Care Instructions

Please hand wash & avoid microwaving. Matte glazes are more susceptible to staining and cutlery marking. Most marking is easily removed with Bar Keepers Friend, Campanelli's or other food-safe soft scrub cleaners.