Geoffrey Fisher - Pastry Brush

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Handmade in Geoffrey Fisher's Buckinghamshire studio, each pastry brush is a mini work of art. Made from locally found hardwood, the bark is removed by hand and natural pure bristles are firmly secured into the wood.

A wonderful gift for any enthusiastic bakers.


This product is entirely handmade using locally-sourced hardwoods that are coppiced as part of an ongoing program of traditional woodland management to maintain a healthy balance of native flora and fauna. The natural qualities of the wood mean each product is unique because of its grain and texture. Wildlife can also create differences to the wood too. Wood is a living material so small cracks and twists can appear in response to temperature and humidity changes. Sizes are therefore approximate and will vary slightly.


20 x 2 x 2 cms


Locally sourced hardwood.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm soapy water. Each individual bristle is secured firmly into the wooden stock and although there might be some initial shedding there should be no further loss after the first wash in warm water.