Handmade Stoneware Striped Bowl

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A hand-thrown stoneware bowl, hand decorated with a cobalt oxide stripes and glazed with a matte white glaze. A great bowl for pasta or salad.



The pottery process is ancient and can be traced back as far as the earliest human settlements. It is also a sustainable and self recycling process in that you can reuse the water from the process and any excess clay is recycled and reused again. Even broken fired pieces have their use in the garden as crocks for drainage in pots. Each item is unique, the beautiful & natural imperfections are a reminder of the handmade touch.


D 17cm x H 7cm



Care Instructions

Stoneware ceramics are naturally strong and durable, these pieces are designed to be used on a daily basis as opposed to 'being kept for best'. Suitable for dishwashers