Geoffrey Fisher Keypad/Desk Brush - with bark

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This Keyboard Brush deftly removes dust and crumbs lodged in-between the keys whereas a cleaning cloth can only skims the surface. The soft natural bristle will not cause any damage and is sufficiently long to be used for additional cleaning purposes such as dusting the inside of a desk lamp. It's easy-to-handle size means it can be stored conveniently in a pencil pot and makes for an original and unique desk accessory.



This product is entirely handmade using locally-sourced hardwoods that are coppiced as part of an ongoing program of traditional woodland management to maintain a healthy balance of native flora and fauna. The natural qualities of the wood mean each product is unique because of its grain and texture. Wildlife can also create differences to the wood too. Wood is a living material so small cracks and twists can appear in response to temperature and humidity changes. Sizes are therefore approximate and will vary slightly.


20cm x 2cm x 2cm


Locally-sourced hardwood.

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