Luxury Incense Gift Box


Size Guide

This box contains everything you need to create a sense of stillness and calm, making it a great gift for new homeowners; or a thoughtful gift for people with anxiety; or for people who meditate.

A sculptural ceramic handmade incense stick holder comes with a bundle of Sage Makko Incense, also known as Japanese cedarwood, which gives a warm and woody aroma; an additional mini incense bundle is the ideal size to pack when travelling or to put in a guest room. Completing the box are some luxury matches that are almost too stylish to strike.


Luxury Incense Box Contains:

Handmade incense holder - A beautiful, hand-thrown stoneware incense holder in piker white. Each piece is unique, with slight variations in colour splashes. 

Incausa Sage Makko - A beautifully boxed set of makko incense, made from Japanese cedarwood (makko) and Palo Santo.

Incausa Incense Mini Incense bundle - 1x small handmade vegan soap made with coconut and hemp, 1x hand-crafted plant based incense sticks made of Palo Santo, 1x Pure Palo Santo Brick and comes beautifully wrapped in recycled handmade lokta paper.

Luxury matches



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