NEW - Women's Leather Ballet Slipper – Cream


Size Guide

The most comfortable shoe to grace our feet!

Buttery, silky soft deerskin leather handmade with love. Leather insoles with a layer of foam for a soft and comfortable cushioned step. A functional lace to tighten and ensure a snug fit.


Made in Canada by artisan shoemakers. The most luxuriously soft slipper you will ever experience. For the ultimate experience in softness and comfort, we recommend wearing your slippers or moccasins barefoot! A perfect travel companion as well as they fold and pack away nicely.

Deerskin is the softest and most durable leather that containing natural, water repelling properties. These hides are locally sourced in Canada where these moccasins are made and are a bi-product of the meat industry. Furthermore, the tanning process, (leather treatment) is done locally and with minimal impact on the environment.


Sizing is true to a shoe size and we do not make half sizes. If you wear a half size we recommend that you size down. (e.g. if your shoe size is a 5.5, we recommend a size 5) The softness of the leather will stretch to the shape of your foot.


100% Canadian deerskin

Care Instructions

Our deerskin leathers are not treated with waxes or coatings. This is why the leather is so naturally soft and luxurious.

Yes...the leathers can be washed and are not afraid of the water, but fading and discolouration can occur and change the look of your product but certainly not the durability of it. This is not a bad thing, it just makes your moccasins look a bit more worn in, we think deerskin gets more beautiful as it ages.

Natural oils from our hands enhances the beauty of these leathers. Do not be alarmed at any first sight of markings or wear. Our products look beautiful when brand new, yes, of course, but just wait. They look better with age. They patina and age nicely.