English Oak Swill Baskets


Size Guide

Handwoven baskets traditionally made in Cumbria by weaving strips of oak around a hazel rim. These beautiful and durable baskets come in 3 useful sizes, perfect for logs, kindling, toys, laundry, blankets, loo rolls... and many other things.



These Oak Swill baskets are traditional to Cumbria and have been hand-made there for centuries. The craftsmanship is in the intricate process of steaming the hazel rod to bend it into the oval shape, with the oak pieces then boiled and torn into thin strips to form the basis of the basket.



L: 57cm, W: 46cm, D: 23cm


L: 49cm, W:40cm, D:19cm 


L: 41cm, W: 33cm, D: 17cm


Oak basket and hazel rod

Care Instructions