Olive Wood Boards – Small, Medium & Large

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Size Guide

The attractive nature of olive wood means these versatile wooden boards combine beauty with functionality. Food safe and durable, these hand carved natural boards have a slightly curved edge giving them a subtle 'bowl' effect, making them perfect  serving platters for mezze and dips.



Olive wood is rich in appearance, has a consistent grain and texture and can retain its olive fragrance. Every board is unique and the one that finds your table will differ slightly from the one photographed.


Small - H 36.5cm x W 14.5cm x D 2cm Medium - H 38.5cm x W 16cm x D 2cm Large - H 42cm x W 18.5cm x D 2cm


Olive wood is resilient and long lasting making it perfect for use in the kitchen. The natural qualities of the wood mean each product is unique because of its grain and texture.

Care Instructions

Never soak or put in a dishwasher. Wipe clean with mild detergent if necessary, and dry off as soon as possible. These oiled products will naturally dry out over time. When this happens, you can re-apply any natural food-safe oil, eg. olive oil, and then wipe off any excess.