Geoffery Fisher Potting Shed Brush and Pan

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This Potting Shed Brush and Pan was designed with the enthusiastic gardener in mind yet it could easily find many practical uses in the home or workplace. We hang ours next to the fireplace.

A unique design detail sees the brush handle fitting neatly through the back of the pan - so the two can never be separated when not in use. The pure-hog bristle has been carefully-angled to reach awkward corners and its soft texture means it can deal with the finest of dust. Made from thick galvanised steel, the metal pan is both light and strong. 




This product is entirely handmade using locally-sourced hardwoods that are coppiced as part of an ongoing program of traditional woodland management to maintain a healthy balance of native flora and fauna. 

The natural qualities of the wood mean each product is unique because of its grain and texture. Wildlife can also create differences to the wood too.

Wood is a living material so small cracks and twists can appear in response to temperature and humidity changes. Sizes are therefore approximate and will vary slightly.






19 x 20 x 4cm


Locally-sourced hardwood, pure hog bristles and galvanised Steel Pan

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