Striped Hammam Towel

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A beautiful hammam towel made from hand-spun and hand-woven cotton. With a delicate texture, indigo striped borders and fine fringed ends.

Large enough to use as a beach towel.



Designed by Danish textile designer Bess Nielson for her brand Khadi and Co, based in Paris. She is renowned for her textiles, which are spun and woven by hand. The name Khadi refers to a traditional Indian cotton, locally harvested and handspun. It appears to have begun in 1918 and served as a symbol during India's struggle for independence, representing village industries and possibilities for the country. Ghandi himself is known for having promoted and worn the Khadi cotton. This has been the inspiration for Bees Nielsen.


85cm x 180cm


100% Cotton

Care Instructions

Machine wash cool