Tamegrout Candle – Dates


Size Guide

These scented candles are truly divine. The Date scent has a masculine, ceder aroma with wood and leather undertones.

They come in a stunning Tamegroute handcrafted pot that can be reused as a plant pot of pen holder once the candle is finished.



Just on the cusp of the Sahara Desert lies Tamegroute, a small village with a rich and vibrant history. Tamegroute is the home to seven Atelier families who each own one oven and their own atelier. Creating pottery in a signature green shade the craftsmanship and skill is beautifully authentic to the region. The candles are hand-cast with 100% natural soy wax certified GMO-free


Extra Large - D 14cm x H 15cm (burn time 180hrs) Large - D 12cm H 11cm (burn time 80hrs) Medium - D 9cm H 9cm (burn time 40hrs)


Natural mineral wax candle with a cotton wick

Care Instructions

Trim the wick after each use