Wilder Botanics - Organic Tea Infusion - Cleanse & Refresh


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Don't let this organic delicate tasting blend fool you! ...its mineral rich with an earthy scent helping to cleanse and refresh the whole body system.

It’s our daily multi vitamin & mineral supplement .
We love this nourishing infusion and make up a big pot drinking it throughout the day, rich in antioxidants and an excellent tonic for the whole body.



Detail: With flavours of red clover blossom, nettle leaf and dandelion, this tea offers your daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Helping to restore, balance, nourish and strengthen, it is a tonic for the whole body. Lovingly hand blended with the finest organic ingredients, Wilder products are created with passion and care.




Red Clover blossom Trifolium pratense, Nettle leaf Urtica dioica, Dandelion leaf Taraxacum officinalis.

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